Webbie Threatens To ‘Slap’ Terrence J After Getting Kicked Off BET 106 & Park



Webbie made an apperance as a judge on Freestyle Friday and apparently made some off-colour remarks to either Terrence’s co-host Rocsi Diaz or another female worker because he got kicked off the show. 106 & Park returned from its commercial break and Webbie was nowhere to be seen.

Shortly after the show, Rocsi wrote a tweet that hinted as to why he was removed from the show, which read: “Ladies I don’t care who he is never let a man think he can just disrespect you and talk any way he wants.”

Despite the incident happening weeks ago, Webbie is still mad and has launched an attack on Rocsi’s co-host Terrence J. In a rant, the rapper said: “I am BET. I am Black Entertainment. I’m slapping the f**k out of Terrence when I see him. He wanted that girl and the girl wanted me. I’m beating him up. You want to act like a gangster on TV? I’m beating that b**ch up.”

Do you think Webbie will respond?


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