Drake Releases ‘We Made It’ Freestyle Featuring Soulja Boy


Drake promised he was going to release a handful of music before the year is over. With three days left of 2013, Drizzy dropped his first offering — a freestyle over the ‘We Made It’ beat from Soulja Boy’s mixtape, ‘The King.’

As the title suggests, the OVO leader brags about his success and throws a middle finger up to the haters.

“In 2007 I sat in a lobby in Motown and waited / Now I go into the building and go off like ‘N—- we made it!’” he spits over the trumpet-driven track.

Drizzy then addresses the naysayers rapping, “My life for your life, man I wouldn’t trade it / I would just look at you dead in the face and say, ‘N—- we made it!’”

Soulja Boy comes through with some ad-libs on chorus touting how he, too, has made it.

Drake’s banger ‘We Made It’ will definitely get major spins at clubs this coming New Year’s Eve. So be prepared to get turnt up!

Drake also dropped some exciting news on his Twitter feed.

Oh boy! We can hardly wait.

Listen to Drake’s ‘We Made It’ Freestyle Feat. Soulja Boy


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