Lady Gaga Poses Topless for Versace [Photo]

Hot 104.9 artist Lady Gaga didn’t just write a song called ‘Donatella’ for ‘ARTPOP.’ She is in deep with the Versace fashion house, serving as a spokesmodel for the Spring/Summer 2014 campaign. Gaga pays homage to Donatella, the doyenne of the luxe brand, with her latest ad, in which she poses topless.

Her long, mermaid-like blonde locks cover her breasts, preventing a nip slip, while she’s rocking loads of accessories in the form of a thick, double looped necklace, a belt with a maj buckle and rings on every finger, which sit right before the knuckle.

For her first ad, she wore a glam, ruched lavender gown. This ad offers more of a rock ‘n’ roll look from Gaga.

Gaga isn’t afraid to go topless, especially for high fashion purposes.


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