Katy Perry performs ‘Dark Horse’ at 2014 Grammy Awards

Katy Perry galloped onto the 2014 Grammys stage (Jan. 26) with a gothic-tinged performance of her latest smash ‘Dark Horse.’

Sonically, the song is sexy and slinky, with dark lyrics warning the object of her affection not to toy with her passion and her heart, and the performance demonstrated those qualities.

The stage setting was lined with leaf-less, charcoal-colored trees, black-clad dancers and Perry’s version of a Trojan horse.

But the crown jewel and centerpiece of the entire performance was of course the pop princess herself! Perry, wearing a lacy, see-through black number, was edgier than we’ve ever seen her be, particularly when she danced. We started to break out into a sweat!

The aesthetic reminded us of her ‘Wide Awake’ video. Right, Katy Cats?

We couldn’t take our eyes off Perry from start to finish, even when her collaborator Juicy J hit the stage, all snazzy in a suit — or when the stage ignited in flames.

Our eyes were fixed on one object and that was Perry. She certainly and unquestionably turned in one of the best performances at this year’s Grammy Awards. While Perry let the light in with her new album ‘Prism,’ she showed off her dark (horse) side here, proving what a truly balanced artist she is.

Consider us blown away.

Source: Katy Perry Gallops Onto 2014 Grammys Stage With Gothic Performance Of ‘Dark Horse’


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