Watch Vin Diesel Dance and Lip-sync to Beyonce and Katy Perry music

Written by Amy Sciarretto | PopCrush

Ok, so we know two things about actor Vin Diesel. He has guns — check out those arms! –and he is a pop music fan. This homemade, black and white video, which finds the actor dancing and lip-syncing to Katy Perry‘s Juicy J-assisted track ‘Dark Horse’ and Beyonce‘s ‘Drunk in Love,’ attests to both facts.

It feels like we stumbled upon Vin’s open webcam when we weren’t supposed to. But then again, he is clearly enjoying himself, in his wife beater and cammo jorts.

Since Diesel has had a rough few months, with the death of his friend and co-star Paul Walker, he’s having a good time. So let him.

Plus he has a good reason.

“Guys, I’m excited and I’m happy again,” he says to fans at the three-minute mark of this nearly eight-minute video. “I’m shouting out you guys to say ‘thank you.’ Universal just called me and told me ‘Riddick’ is No. 1 on the DVD charts. There is no way ‘Riddick’ would have been made without you guys.”

Consider Vin’s performance art video his way of saying thanking you to the fans.

Source: LOL! Watch Vin Diesel Dance + Lip-Sync to Katy Perry + Beyonce [VIDEO] |


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