Hooligan Boyz Member To Be Released From Jail



Hooligan Boyz member Christopher Garza a.k.a. Profit will be released from jail after paying his bond on Wednesday, KZTV reports.

Garza is charged with the murder of fellow Hooligan Boyz member Miguel Silva a.k.a. MIG over the weekend at a Corpus Christi hotel.  A cause of death has not yet been released.

Garza appeared before Nueces County Judge Jose Longoria on Wednesday afternoon and Longoria is allowing him to live in San Antonio because Garza has no family in Corpus Christi and owns a business in San Antonio.

Garza is required to wear an ankle monitor and report to his Nueces County probation officer once a week. A family member must accompany him as he travels back and forth between Corpus Christi and San Antonio.

A benefit concert for Silva has been scheduled in San Antonio for Wednesday night to help with funeral expenses.  Funeral arrangements for Silva have been set for Friday and Saturday in San Antonio.


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