Woman Starts Petition To Shut Down George Zimmerman, DMX ‘Celebrity Boxing’ Match


When news broke that a Celebrity Boxing Match between George Zimmerman and DMX was set for March 15, social media went nuts with many different emotions about the event.

With many wondering why the promoter Damon Feldman would even consider putting together an event what would glorify “a child murderer and domestic abuser,” a Los Angeles woman got organized to stop the event from happening.

Janet Dickerson started a Change.org petition to have Feldman withdraw his invitation to Zimmerman for the the celebrity boxing match.

“While the allure of such a spectacle may be strong for many, we must all be mindful of the fact that each person who tunes in would be contributing to the ratings that will help line Zimmerman’s pockets.” Dickerson wrote. “After the hysteria has died down he’ll be richer (as will whoever fights him) and we’ll be his investors, not to mention perpetuators of his false celebrity status.”

As of this post, Dickerson has  almost 56,000 signatures.

What do  you think about this event? Would you watch it? Leave comments below.




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