Woman Proves You Can Be A Great Dancer At Any-Size

Whitney Way Thore has proven once and for all that size does not matter when it comes to busting a move. The North Carolina radio producer has gone viral with her series of dance videos ‘A Fat Girl Dancing’, making her a YouTube sensation.

She has also launched the No Body Shame Campaign in part to share her struggle after a diagnosis of polycystic ovarian syndrome and gaining 200 pounds.

“I had the idea for No Body Shame Campaign after I posted photos of myself from a boudoir shoots,” Thore told DailyVenusDiva.  “While many responses were positive, there was a whoooole lotta fat-shaming going on! I started blogging really just for therapy.”

She began dancing at age 4 and was teaching dance by age 16, but stopped after she started experiencing inexplicable weight gain in college, even failing out of a dance class her freshman year.


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