Kelly Clarkson cancels Academy of Our Lady concert

Kelly Clarkson has cancelled a concert she was scheduled to perform for Academy of Our Lady, the private school that won a $100,000 grant from Celebrate My Drive along with a show from the American Idol.

The performance, originally scheduled to take place back in January, was first postponed. However, AOOL students are now confirming that the show has been cancelled completely and they’re none too pleased about it.

“So @kelly_clarkson isn’t coming to AOL. Kind of depressing,” tweeted one fan, while another had a better idea.

Sure, pregnancy can be rough on a person, but Kelly has recently gone on the record saying that she no longer suffers from morning sickness, so we can’t help but wonder what her excuse is for bailing on this gig – especially considering the kids from AOOL were really looking forward to seeing her perform.

This wouldn’t be the first time Clarkson has let down fans, either. Last year she cancelled a Microsoft event due to rain, as well as a show with Maroon 5, citing “safety reasons.”