Lady Gaga SXSW Show Denied Permit

Lady Gaga/Facebook

Lady Gaga/Facebook

A permit request for Lady Gaga to play the Doritos stage at the 2014 South By Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival has been denied.

The Doritos stage mimics a giant vending machine and is situated in the parking lot of Carmelo’s, an Italian eatery in downtown Austin. Last year the stage hosted Hip Hop legends LL Cool J, Ice Cube & Public Enemy.

The city concluded that the venue could not sustain the ‘Do What U Want’ singer’s sizable production and expected crowds, PopCrush reports. The powers-that-be look at the resources, the size and the capacity of a location where a permit is sought. Since the Doritios stage is in a parking lot, without permanent infrastructure, the city could not grant Gaga permission to play there.

Source: Lady Gaga Denied Permit to Perform at SXSW Show


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