San Antonio’s ‘Fierce In Pumps’ class debuts [VIDEO]

A new dance class in San Antonio is looking to help you look ‘Fierce In Pumps’ and have fun at the same time.

The class is the brainchild of Danielle Perez and Celyna Rosiles.

“Danielle and I thought it would be good to bring the ladies some classes where they can feel sexy, yet learn a choreographed routine that can turn heads,” Rosiles said.

Rosiles and Perez have been dancing together in the San Antonio-based dance crew Unifyd Soul for over 5 years. The crew’s dance styles include hip-hop, Latin, jazz, contemporary, and some krumping.

“We are not sure where this may lead, but we do hope that after taking our classes ladies, and some men, could feel more comfortable in their stiletto heels while out dancing,” Rosiles added.

The duo hope to bring more classes and workshops to San Antonio and eventually expand to more cities in the future.

The classes are held every Monday 9-10pm at Semeneya Dance Studio
located at 12066 Starcrest Drive, Buidling 210. The class is only $10.00 and heels are required.

Check out the video above from the class on Monday, July 7. If you live in the San Antonio area and want to get ‘Fierce In Pumps,’ check out the flyer below and grab your favorite heels.


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