Selena Gomez drops ‘Bad Liar’ video-themed merch


Selena Gomez’s ‘70s-themed, multi-character, one-woman music video took the internet by storm. In less than 24 hours, the “Bad Liar” video has over 12 million views on YouTube – and now she is releasing the matching merchandise.

Gomez sent Twitter into a frenzy yesterday, generating more than 3,000 retweets in one hour alone, by announcing her newly minted e-commerce site would be carrying “Bad Liar”-themed merchandise available for pre-order immediately and shipping on July 12th.

The site includes items worn in the music video, like a pair of 1970s-style basketball shorts, classic tube socks and “Wolves” varsity ringer tank top worn in the gym scene, as well as an array of screen-printed posters identical to the ones Gomez published on Instagram in anticipation of the video release.

In addition to multiple bubble-font tees and Selena Gomez-emblazoned ankle socks, there’s also non-apparel items like a “Bad Liar” sticker sheet and the 13 Reasons Why soundtrack on cassette.


Full Story: Billboard 

You Can Buy Your “Bad Liar” Goodies At 


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